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How to Order Personalized USB and Box Online

This post tells you how to order products on USBLOFT.com with personalized texts or logos. [...]

How We Make Your Item

Here is a short video of how we make your item. It requires quite a [...]

How to Send Us Your Custom Texts

Customers can send their customization instruction to us through ADDITIONAL INFORMATION at CHECKOUT page Customers [...]

Our Etsy Store Closed

Here is our story… We have been doing so well on etsy in 2017.¬† We [...]

Returns & Refund

The personalized USB flash drive is permanently altered, we will not accept for returns generally. [...]

Shipping Policy

This post tells you how we process your order and ship your package to your [...]

How to order from USBLOFT.COM

This post tells you how to order  items from our websites. It covers how to [...]

A Video Blog Post

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