Our Etsy Store Closed

Here is our story…

We have been doing so well on etsy in 2017.  We received about 3000 orders and get about 477 100% positive customers review. But just on Jan. 8, 2018, we  got an email from etsy as follows:

My name is Frankie, and I’m writing on behalf of Etsy’s Marketplace Integrity team regarding your account. 

While we thank you for the time you spent as a part of the Etsy community, my team and I have determined your business does not meet Etsy’s seller policies. As a result of a comprehensive review of your account history and information, we have concluded that we’re no longer able to offer selling privileges to you.

You may continue to participate in the Etsy community as a buyer only going forward once you have completed all open orders.


When we login in our etsy account SunwayEmbroidery again, we got a screen like this. All of listings are deactivated.


We were shocked. There is no any warning in advance. And etsy closed our store directly.  In the email, there is just a very blur description that we do not meet etsy’s seller policies.

We sell embroidery supplies online and customize wedding usb flash drives.  It meets two of their categories, craft tools and handmade

Besides,  we paid etsy’s commission each month on time and got 100% positive reviews from customers.  We did have few case opened by customers who stated that they did not receive the package.  We either resent them a new package or refunded. It shouldn’t break the policy.


The only cause that we can think about is that we login-ed in our etsy account when I was travelling in Asia 2 months ago. But it shouldn’t be the reason for them to close our store.

We were really upset and frustrated. We read that many good business owners are treated unfair by etsy in different way from the internet. It will be almost impossible to flight your store back.

That’s why we quickly built this website.

  1. We like our etsy customer to have a long-term place to order from us. So their business can be more stable.
  2. With our own store, we are not at the risk to lose our business in one day, just like what happened to us with etsy.

It looks easy and simple but we know how difficulit it is to go through these and get our regular orders volume again. There are some message sent by our customers. We like to extremely thank you for supporting our business.

Omg! That sucks! You were the best place I’ve found to order my usbs!
I will keep this email and order from your new site.    from Michelle Bondy

Bummer! So sorry – I was excited to keep using you for future weddings. I’ve been really pleased with the drives you sent (and I meant to tell you thanks so much for sending that new drive so quickly!). from Adam Rosenbaum

If you have any suggestions for us or our new website, please feel free to let us know.

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